Friday, 9 December 2011


During the Leveson Inquiry: Ex-data watchdog rebukes politicians. Gordon Brown and his successor for failing to tackle data theft by introducing improved laws.

My view is that data was not fully protected, because Gordon Brown knew full well that the British government plan to take private medical data about UK citizens and sell it on.

One has to remember that when political parties change, most of the civil servants working in those ministries remain. So basically there is only change at representative level,  not those those that are feeding those representatives with initiatives. Hence, why the people just get more of the same status quo. More intrusion in your private lives and everything else that the people of the UK are experiencing.

The fact of the matter is that the politicians, especially the aristocrats think they are above the law and can do as they wish. The Justice system is no better, if the justice system was worthy in integrity, then the justice system would have never have allowed the governments to do what they have been allowed to do.

A good justice system stands with the people for the people; not with governments that stand against the people. The justice system must get its house in order and TESHUVAH to its original intention. Perhaps they would all like to read the words on the walls of the old bailey and truly take them to their hearts.

Where are the human rights lawyers to defend the people and make UN Human rights laws known?

Where are the lawyers that are making the UN Privacy laws known? As we know the governments have buried the UN Privacy laws and the justice system did nothing about it.

So the justice system is just as responsible for the state of the nation as its political leaders.

Have you ever met a poor lawyer or QC?

Of course not, they are all very rich in comparison with the poor that struggle to feed themselves and pay for heat.

Legal aid was developed to help the poor and even that was cut.

In magistrates court, the poor are threatened not to take their cases to crown court due to the high cost.

What kind of justice is that? Currently, there is no justice, only injustice due to the rich living in their comfort zones. Well your comfort zones will be stripped away.



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