Thursday, 29 December 2011

Black Water Dragon USA 2012

As we have shared with you 2012 is the Chinese Year of the 'Black Water Dragon' and already we are seeing the signs in the USA. There is news of a giant ASIA TIGER prawn a foot long that is devouring species along the Gulf coast. In the past we shared with the people that the Leopard was no match for the Tiger and the theme tune 'Eye of the Tiger' from the film Rocky was given to the USA. 

In addition we have news of the 'Red Tide' that is causing mass kill of fish, eels and stingrays along the Florida coast.

"Love without integrity is like an ocean without fish. A store without food, a library without books. A house without windows'.

'No nation will stand or survive these last days of the end times without integrity'.

It takes integrity for social justice to become a reality.

It take integrity for the spiritual journey to be glorious and for ascension to come to be.

Integrity is an essential and a necessity.

Without it, the nations and its leaders will fall one by one. 

Teshuvah USA, Teshuvah 


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