Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lord Chief Justice Go To Prison

When the justice system sends the general public to prison for doing their own research on a case, you know that the justice system has finally broken. Bear in mind that people are ordered to attend jury service, they don't get paid. If employed, your employer is expected to foot the bill for your absence from work.

Now its natural that if you take a person off the street and put them in jury service in this technological age, a person that has never had any court experience, they are going to do their own research. I really don't know how the justice system will be able to stop people seeking truth for themselves, because some people just cannot help themselves.

However, it is not right that the justice system have imprisoned people for doing research on a case. The people should be released immediately. Why? The fact of the matter is that if they had not been called for jury service in the first place, they would not be imprisoned now.

The responsibility is with the justice system to keep the names of those involved in cases secret until the case is over. However, clearly, the justice system as taken its authority too far this time. The minority shall have no authority over the majority.

Its criminals that the justice system should be concerned with, not those that have been ordered to do the will of the justice system.

Lord Chief Justice and your justice system has indeed been judged, you should be concerned about the integrity of the system. I have been concerned about it ever since the large sentences were passed on the youngsters that were involved in the riots earlier this year. Those sentences showed those that know about such things, that the justice system was OTT for such minor offenses as taking a bottle of water.

Frankly, the people in the UK do not trust the justice system in this country anymore. So how about you go to prison instead, for allowing such injustice to take place.



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