Friday, 9 December 2011


The Conservative MP Claire Perry said 'It was very hard for a single mother to go to work because she would lose benefits'. So first let us take a look at Claire Perry and who she is. Would you have guessed it, straight out of financial services and her profession is listed as banking. She also worked for George Osborn, the Anglo-Irish aristocrat, the Conservatives keeping it in the family as usual. George Osborn is the one that has just given non doms 0% tax, that's right folks, 0% for the rich.

On Claire's website it states that she stopped paid work to bring up her own small children. So once again there is one rule for the MP's and a different rule for the people. Claire Perry was allowed to stay home to look after her children, but she denies the right to the poor to do the same.

In March of this year, the Daily Mail wrote about Claire's tantrum in the tea room because she was not allowed to speak, perhaps she should go home and carefully for her children that are still growing up. 

What would Jesus Christ say to Claire Perry? Hypocrite! Woe to you hypocrite! You know what he said to the money changers don't you Claire Perry? Well you are in bed with them ex-banker.

Excuse me Claire Perry, what about the children? On one hand the conservative government blame the parents for the riots, in the next breath you are blaming benefits for parents not going out to work. You can't have it both ways. Either mums carefully for their children, or face the consequences for them not doing so.

1. There is two million children out of work, you and your government cannot even provide jobs for generations of youngsters. Find them jobs, give them the opportunity to work and let the mums be with their children.

2. When did humanity and its governments put work and paying tax to governments above the good life and nurturing of children? When did motherhood stop being a job? It certainly is a full time job bringing up children alone. In fact, it is more than full-time, it is 24/7, can you afford to pay the mums for 24/7 Claire? Can you afford to pay mums for the great job that they do bringing up the nations children? You can if you tax the rich the maximum, and make sure the corporations pay their taxes in full.

3. How can a mother do her job properly if she has to go to work and bring up children at the same time?
You are asking mums to do two jobs not one. First job bringing up children, second job go to work for the government so that they can give more tax breaks to the rich.

I was fortunate to have a good career and a good local nursery. However, that local nursery was expensive. I also had to have an au pair, so that I could go to work full-time to finance it all. I had to get a taxi there and back when taking him or collecting him, until we had an au pair to help out. Can single mums afford that on part-time wages or wages from low paid jobs? No.

When it came to senior school due to the recession my office moved home. So I was there for my son everyday when he came home from school. This was very important, that I was there for him at the age that many children start to get into trouble. It meant that my son could bring his friends home from school and they were all in a safe space together under provision. Fed and watered, cared for and loved. That meant that my son and his friends were not roaming the streets.

I was only able to work, because I ran my own business.  It meant that I could work my schedule around him, time off when he was ill, taking him to the doctors and dentist. I could take time off from work to be with him, cook and have supper with him. Then when it was bedtime, I could go back to work in the office at home. I was blessed to have that flexibility. It is imperative that mothers are at home for their children, while they are growing up. Especially, after school.

This government is asking single parent mums to go to work at the same time as bring up children alone.
Honestly, what planet are they from? There was a time when I was a child, when mothers did not work at all. It was only the feminist movement that inspired women to be independent financially. Women worked to bring a little extra in, not to pay for essentials.

Absolute injustice from Claire Perry and the conservative government.

Claire Perry you are judged.

Claire do you know about the bible and its prophecies? You should do from what is written on your website. Do you know that this nation will be destroyed because of you?

The LORD warned you all that when the Messenger of the Covenant arrived you must turn your hearts to the children. That means you must put children first, and exalt them beyond measure. That does not mean standing against the poor and single parent mums, it means supporting them in every way that you can.

The Messenger of the Covenant stands with the children and the single parent mums against MP's like you. Best you and your government do a U turn fast before destruction comes upon you.


This comes at a time when George Osborn has just reduced tax on the rich to 0%.





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