Monday, 18 July 2011

Where is Jesus?

People keep posting on forums asking why is that every generation in the last 2,000 years as been waiting for Jesus return.

Our response:

1. First you have to understand the timeline criteria for the end of the age.

2. Then you have to understand the criteria and timeline for the woman that he told his followers would come. He called her the Queen of the South, the Paraclete and Son of Man. Son of Man is a term of endearment for a prophet. 

She is the Messiah Joseph that was promised to Moses to help the children of Abraham. The purifier mentioned by Prophet Malachi, and the daughter of ZION that is given her kinship in Micah 4, after her return from the USA (Babylon) in 2008. 

She is ELIAKIM and was given the key of David. What she shuts nobody can open, and what she opens nobody can shut. 

3. Then you have to understand the prophecies that are specifically to do with the end and the divine plan that she is involved in; to prepare the way for him.

4. Then you have to know that he does not come until after New Jerusalem, the new holy city of enlightenment is built as predicted by Prophet Isaiah. It will not be in Israel or the USA. At the end of the book of Revelation after the new city is built. It is written I am coming soon.

The biblical prophecies for this timeline ask, who will build the house for me?

5. Then you have to know that his name is not Jesus Christ or Yeshua. 

The book of Revelation tells you that he as a new name, he tells Messiah Joseph what that name is. She is also described as the overcomer, and the prophecies tell her not to let anyone take her crown. Not only does she have the crown it is a double crown. 

Messiah Joseph was given a full brief by him on how to recognize him. So are you ready to implement the divine plan? 

The meek shall inherit the earth. 



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