Saturday, 9 July 2011

Angel Wars

In response to 'Angel Wars'.

First one as to understand the origins of the word war is 'contention' and 'conflict' does contention and conflict happen on internet forums and in social networks like facebook? 

Of course it does. Maybe its time people had different words for wars that are violent and co-create genocide, and 'conflict' due to people holding on to belief systems that keep people in the status quo.

It is true that there is conflict and contention in the heavens at the moment due to 'belief' being challenged. This timeline as been about the threshing of beliefs that are unhealthy for humanity and its consciousness. 

People are always writing about 'belief' that they have bought into. What value is belief if you do not have the experience to back up that belief?

Enough of theory that keeps people in the status quo. Haven't we had enough of the academics that are stopping the people from evolving due to their theories? The soferim of the recent crop circles are asking you all to move beyond theory and move into truth. Truth that you know to be true for yourselves due to your own experiences.

All the religions are saying their religion is the true one. However, they all forget the prophecies predicted that the LORD God would make everything anew in this timeline, and that the old heaven and earth would pass away. The Son of God also predicted that this time will be shortened for the sake of the elect.

The prophecies are being completed lets get on with the new.

Experience counts. 


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