Tuesday, 5 July 2011

9/11 Charlie Veitch Situation

In April 2011, we made a post called 'Bye Bye Love Police' and more than a few people in the truth movement were upset that I had stood against Charlie Veitch. Not the first time either.

By now, most of the truth movement know that Veitch as done a complete U turn on 9/11, after the BBC paid for him to go to the USA.

Clearly, Veitch did not know his facts on 9/11, and if you are going to take on the authorities then the facts are crucial. Facts, are also crucial to the truth movement and its credibility thereof. I knew from day one that 9/11 was an inside job, and the evidence that I have seen only confirms what I already knew to be true.

As we have said many times before 'Love is not for sale'. 

No coincidence that Charlies initials are CV. He as certainly been adding to his CV in recent years.

However, this is an excellent video about the whole Charlie Veitch situation. I recommend that anyone that is interested in CV or the Love Police watch it. There have also been some excellent responses from others that have followed him closely as well. Overall, well done to everyone, although it is clear it as been a shock to many.

The truth movement is strong and its global. Nothing will stop us now. However, be aware that INTEGRITY is crucial to the movement, and the more that you heal yourselves the more incorruptible you become. Some will fall by the way side, it is natural for it to do so, due to the
weakness of man.

Good luck to Charlie in his new career.


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