Sunday, 17 July 2011


Assange is being blackmailed by the USA, they're attempting to stop him disclosing truth about the American banks. I recommend everyone watches the FRONTLINE Club conference with Assange sharing with the media. American politicians have called him a terrorist and Sarah Palin said he has blood on his hands. How dare she. Clearly, she as blood on her own hands. How did that come about Palin? How many animals did you slaughter? Christ told you that when I came you would be judged by your words. Wake up and smell the coffee. 

What does that tell you about American politicians? Terrorists. 

The Spirit of Truth stands with Assange. 

The truth will set you free. 

Assange as such grace under pressure, when you consider he has been under house arrest for six months and still worked 24/7. He is much more humble then most people realize. He as a humble heart. However, I can understand why people perceive it as they do. He is a perfectionist by nature, and that is misunderstood by many due to "Perceptions being an illusion that have no basis in reality" from Sacred Words

I recommend that people open their hearts to him and allow truth to enter in.

Assange is absolutely compelled by the heart. Every genius is like a high speed train and nobody can stop it reaching the destination.

We stand with Assange in the frontline.

Hand in hand, side by side in equality. 

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