Monday, 4 July 2011

Eggs Corpus Christi

People keep on giving me fresh farm eggs. So what do we have on eggs? When I was a child, breakfast was a boiled egg and a slice of toast. However, with the growth of the corporations cereals took over diseases grew with it. Great Ormand Street hospital found that when children were given a high protein low carb diet their epileptic fits stopped altogether. The research was carried out for two years.

Its important not to overcook eggs due to harming the quality of protein. They also provide all the essential amino acids that people require.

The EU are planning to ban battery farming of chickens from 2012. Well that is one good thing. However, the people should be informed in advance that the cost of eggs will increase substantially, when there is no more battery farming. Of course, this will also increase on other food products that also use eggs. Products like custard power and mayonnaise.

On a cultural level Spain as a tradition of the 'Dancing Egg' held during the feast of Corpus Christi and this tradition originated in the 16th century. "In England, the Feast of Corpus Christi became associated with the performance of "cycle dramas", groups of plays which recounted the sacred history of the universe from the Creation until Doomsday."

The egg as a massive amount of meanings in the spiritual symbology of the different cultures and nations. In Christianity it is also resurrection, recreation and hope. In India it is the cosmic egg laid by the divine bird. It was also the abode of Vishnu in the form of Brahma. It represents the life principle and the principle of life.


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