Saturday, 23 July 2011

Greenfly Swarms UK

While I was writing about Amy, a greenfly came in front of me on the computer. Then it just sat on the left hand corner. I don't remember one ever coming in doors before. It as very large wings, a very small thin, long body. Its not moving, its just sitting there perfectly still and its jade green.

Greenflies have descended in swarms in the UK due to the cold weather. The press say, it as hit the tennis at Wimbledon. Due to the decline in our native lady birds. There as been an introduction of the Asian harlequin in 2004. The UK Ladybird society says it poses a threat to the survival of the UK's 46 native species.

The harlequin is the most invasive ladybird on the planet. When will man stop interfering with the eco-system and natural habitat of the planet?

Duncan Sivell, biodiversity officer at the insect conservation trust Buglife, said he believed the harlequin had been deliberately released in Kent by growers with pest control problems - a move he described as "a very dodgy thing to do".

C'mon on ladybirds do your job. 



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