Monday, 4 July 2011

USA not a Christian nation

This story made me laugh but it is not a laughing matter. It comes to something, when speaking the truth can get you shot at by 

It really is no surprise that Rev 17 and 18 is about the USA. This story is just another example that demonstrates that the USA is not a Christian nation in the nature of the true 
Christ teachings. Violence disempowers the soul and vexes the Spirit of God. 
On the Fourth of July across the U.S., American Atheists are taking to skies with a flying banner ad campaign.
They will be flying over busy holiday hot spots like beaches and parks with banners that read: "Atheism is Patriotic" and "God-LESS America."
Justin Jaye of Fly Signs Aerial Advertising, told the Belief Blog last week,  "I've been in this business for 20 years and I've never run into so much resistance on people flying," Jaye said. "I've had pilots who are actual atheists who said, 'Justin, I am an atheist and I won't fly it because I can't wear a bulletproof vest.'"
In the video above, Rick Wingrove from the Virginia chapter of American Atheists explains to CNN's T.J. Holmes more about the campaign and why they picked the Fourth of July.

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