Tuesday, 26 July 2011


It was during the US election that we shared with the people that Abba said "Obama is a double agent". Boknows as just uploaded this video, and Obama refers to himself as sunlight and a disinfectant. If you look up the word disinfectant in the dictionary, it is an agent that destroys. It mentions chemicals and radiation.

ICI Savlon was once a client of mine and their competitor was Dettol. In olden days, after the war, people washed their children in disinfectant. Some Dettol was put the bath.

It was found scientifically, that ICI helped to heal wounds and Dettol destroyed the cells. Dettol is poisonous, and should not be ingested. In England, a man died from overexposure to the Dettol disinfectant in 2007.

Sunshine is not a disinfectant. It is the life giver to planet earth. However, in Islam one of their names for god is 'Destroyer and bringer of death'.


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