Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Sign in BC?

Feet keep washing ashore in BC, e.g. British Colombia.  The news report states that the most recent one was a foot in a hiking boot and it washed up in Port Moody. The report claims that this is the 9th foot. However, a poster in response to the report states it is the 12th. I wasn't going to post this but the LORD said 'Come along'.

So what are the signs?

1. It washed up Saturday e.g. Shabat.

2. Hiking boot black Cougar = Black Panther = Leopard = 3rd beast in Rev 13. They also come from Mount Kenya.

3. Size 12 and 12 is the number of the victim. That is a large foot and the prophecy in the book of Daniel is that the Leopard as feet like a bear e.g. large.

4. Southwestern BC = Before Christ, South West = Sacred directions of the Prophet Peacemaker, Obama certainly led the people to feel that he was the one that would bring peace to the world and it has been the reverse. The world fell at his feet and gave him a nobel.

5. Port Moody, Leo's are known to be moody, and if the birth date given is correct for Obama then he is a Leo.

6. Port Moody is a crescent shaped city, and the crescent is to do with the moon e.g. Islam. Hence, why the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet. Rev 12.

7. British Colombia = Commonwealth

In August 2011, I was given a vision of a black panther and a message about lowering costs. [3] So the black panther is lowering running costs, at the same time as raising prices. Is that the way that you understand it? That is what they did in the UK to the medical profession in real terms. They reduced the cost of running it, at the same time as raising the cost of it to the people. Hence the parity is huge.





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