Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brits live in an egg crate

We mentioned Habitat on our other blog the other day, and today Sir Terence Conran was featured on the BBC site. Sir Terence said 
"I'm aghast at the quality of housing in this country," he says.
"I think there is a huge opportunity for architects to build good modern housing for the mass market and for individuals. If you go to the average housing estate they almost seem to be trying to recreate Tudor times, it's absurd.
"I've always been a proponent of open-plan living, when I look at the plans of many housing estate houses they're tiny, like an egg crate. A sense of space is a great luxury in the 21st Century." [1]
Why is that? Architects respond to the commissions of the property developers, it is the property developers that are responsible for building houses that like an egg crate. 
How many property developers do you know that are building ecological and self-sustainable homes for an ecological and self-sustainable future? 
I know that Conran's passion is design. However, without ecological self-sustainability, there will be no future for design or humanity. Its time for people to get their priorities right. Conran could have a very positive impact if he put his weight in the right place. 

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