Saturday, 5 November 2011

Major M5 Road Crash UK

There as been more vulcanics with a 34 car collision in the UK, at least 7 killed. It took place on the M5 highway in southwestern England. The crash happened on Friday evening and the report states that there were explosions, cars and large trucks 'burnt literally to the ground'. 51 people have been injured.

Apparently, there were foggy and wet conditions, although it is not clear what caused the crash. When there are crashes like this there are always trucks involved. From experience, the truckers think they own the roads, and expect the drivers to get out of their way.

In my humble view there should be different lanes for trucks so that they cannot keep on moving from lane to lane. Drivers of cars don't have a chance against a huge truck coming their way. From the crash scene it looks like trucks were changing lanes.

Accidents are also to do energetic anger.

May those that have died rest in peace.


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