Saturday, 19 November 2011

Germany dominating Greece and Italy

MP Farage from the land of Joseph takes on the Germans at the EU Parliament. The video is titled 'What gives you the right to dictate to the Greek and Italian people?'. He also tells you that Germany is dominating Greece and Italy. Brilliant speech he tells them they should all be sacked because they were not elected.

As we know, Islam stood with Germany in WW2 and Cameron and Merkel are now having cosy talks about the UK joining the EURO to save it. He has got to be joking, if Cameron would like this country to have a day of rage against him, he is certainly co-creating it.

If Cameron thinks that England can afford to prop up the Euro, perhaps he would like to give his millions instead to prop up what he chooses. The people in the UK have no requirement for entering the euro. He will certainly get the sack if he even tries to push it on the people. Enough really is enough of politicians that are co-creating the destruction of the European cultures. 

The LORD God is cutting short that destruction right now. This time will be shortened for the sake of the spiritually elect.


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