Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lauren George - Hold The Light

This song was uploaded by a friend and it resonates with my heart. The song was written by Lauren and her dad Jonathan for the cancer charity 'Race For Life'. 

From experience I know that cancer runs in families as does heart disease and it can be triggered by fear, stress and or trauma. I know from my own life experience that it can also brought forward from past life experiences, and also inherited genetically. There have been at least 8 deaths of cancer on the Jewish side of our family. 

To date, as far as I am aware, I am the only survivor of it in our family. I was the one that overcome and was victorious, that is why I always encourage everyone to be 100% positive with disease, to put all of their effort into the healing process of healing the self. 

Many who take part in the 'Race For Life' events, are also those that have survived cancer. The survivors have a lot to share with others from their life experience of how to overcome. 

Lauren George is still a child, yet, she is doing her best to help the charity. This lovely song is called 'Hold the Light' and she sings it beautifully. My years of fund raising for charities is well and truly over. However, I can do what I can to share, support and honor those that are doing their best in true ergon. 

God bless you Jonathan, Lauren and all of those involved in race for life. 


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