Wednesday, 23 November 2011

694bn public spending Cameron

The BBC on behalf of the government are now trying to justify the tax system and what people receive in advance. 

"Have you ever wondered what you receive back for the money you pay out in tax each year? In 2010-11 the Treasury paid out £692bn in public spending. This adds up to £22,000 being spent on behalf of each family, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies."

1. The figure paid into the treasury does not stipulate where those taxes come from. As we know there is straight income tax, NHI, VAT, numerous indirect taxes, stealth and sin taxes. Clearly, all the tax that people pay is a lot more than figures that are being quoted. 

2. 692 billion then has to be explained. e.g. how is the figure 692 billion assessed and how is this amount broken down. Due to the fact, that most people in the UK, do not give their consent to most of the public spending that successive governments choose to spend the people's money on. 

Does the government really spend 22,000 on each family? Clearly not, if they did then they surely are not very good at housekeeping and have to start cutting salaries of the public sector. There are heads of counties, receiving salaries of 250,000. Is that appropriate in these times? Absolutely not. Are there people that can do the same job for less? Certainly yes. There are doctors that are earning 1.8 million, is that fair and just? No. 

So come, let us open up the whole debate on public spending, because it is certainly not the public spending it, on what they would choose for themselves. Public spending should really be called 'government spending' because they are the ones that spend it. As such, they are also responsible for it. 

You will have to do a lot better than that Cameron. 



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