Saturday, 5 November 2011

John Glascock and Carmen

We have made some posts about Spain on our other blog. Here I would like to honor Carmen. This month is also the anniversary of the passing of John Glascock.

"In the early seventies, the British-American group CARMEN broke new ground in rock music, combining the British flair for progressive rock with traditional Spanish folk themes into a very fresh, energetic and powerful new mix. The sound is centered around guitar, keyboards are used subtly but to good effect. On the whole, they are a rather hard band to describe ... "They sound only like themselves, because it IS so unique".

When the band's first albums didn't make it big, the British base player John Glascock, took up an offer to join Jethrol Tull. He then spent most of his time on tour. The last time I saw him alive, was when four of us attended an Eric Clapton concert in Finsbury Park. 

As far as I am aware John got his dream. However, the cost was high. He died soon after joining Jethro Tull of a heart condition, he was still very young, just 28 years old.  It was a shock when the news was received, to everyone that had the pleasure to meet him or know him. God bless his soul, he was a wonderful musician. 

He passed away on November the 17th, 1979, due to a heart valve defect that resulted from an abscessed tooth. However, it is written that he did receive many warnings, ignored his own health and carried on with the lifestyle that is associated with so many rock musicians. [1] My view is that if he hadn't joined Jethro Tull and gone on tour with them, he would still be alive today. That is why it so important that people understand their dreams and what they can co-create. 

The members of Carmen were all fantastic musicians. Real musicians, real rock, real music. Completely different to anything that had come before. They certainly did break new ground and pave the way for others. It was the era for doing that, breaking new ground and changing the scene. However, it is always hardest for the pioneers that have the courage to cross new frontiers with something new. 

Love beyond measure Carmen wherever you are and whatever you are doing.



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