Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blood Oil Contracts Libya

UK murders people then gets oil contracts in reward for the murder. UK officials and corporations have blood on their hands. This video states that London was calling for the war, when in fact, it was Obama that enlisted Cameron. Nostradamus also predicted that the seven men would be murdered due to Western leaders being subjected to the King of the East. e.g. Saudi Arabia.

In the BBC TV interview on Syria, King of Jordan appears to have developed an eye problem. He calls for Assad to step down.

As far as the Arab league is concerned he said 'We're in the driving seat'. He even mentioned the number 666. When the reporter asked him how long it would take to remove Assad. He said he didn't know it could be six weeks, six months, six years. (As we know 666 is to do with the beast in Rev 13. Leopard, Obama).

He also said 'The devil is in the details'.
This is also about Saudi –v- Iran

"Libya's got big plans for its post-war future - with hopes of being reborn as the next Dubai. On paper, it's got the qualifications - sun, beaches and rich oil reserves. Western companies are lining up for their stake - but it's the UK that is likely to come out on top. RT's Laura Smith says Libya now grants UK with oil contract for airstrikes London carried out."

Is that the way to run the world?

Certainly not.


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