Friday, 18 May 2012


There are severe storms near Salt Lake City, UTAH being reported. Heading north east towards Ogden. and Brigham City. Then heading further northeast into southwest Wyoming. As we know, the planet is in the forthcoming solar eclipse energies now and it is destined for the 20th of May, 2012 over the USA and the 21st over China.

We did provide a Nostradamus 'Sun 20 prophecy video' for the USA with an advance warning due to the 20th being the number of judgement. NASA also pointed out that the descending node of the moon during the eclipse will be in Taurus and as we know the bull is to do with the Mormons. [1] So no surprise to me that this storm is over Salt Lake City. I also wrote this morning that I can feel the calm before the storm, then I saw this video uploaded on youtube.

As we know today is the 18th and 18 relates to Rev 18 and its traders, Mitt the Mormon is also a merchant. The 18th of May is the 'Day of Activity'.



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