Saturday, 5 May 2012


In April, the LORD told me that the gateway opening in India was going to be in 'Punjab'. Today, after my communion with him while bathing, a beautiful elephant was standing directly in front of me. The elephant is the animal with the most spiritual wisdom. It is also symbolic of Ganesh, the overcomer of obstacles.

So I just looked at the Indian news to see if there was anything and there is. It is another sign and another trained derailed. As we advised previously this is the 'Time of derailment'.

On the back of the train you will see a green X. Green is to do with ecology, the X is an ancient symbol and the ancient pictographs the two cross sticks mean a sign, or signature. It became the letter TAV and the letter T. You will also notice the light on the right hand corner of the train as well. It tells us that the sign is giving its light to those that can see it. The right side of a person is the spiritual side, and that is where the train is leaning.

Picture courtesy of India Today. 

India Today inform us that 'Eight bogies of Punjab Mail derail near Rohtak, 19 were injured and no casualties. 19 is to do with Rev 19 and the Spirit of Prophecy. It happened at 3.30am and 33 is the number of creativity, karmic reward, good luck, love, arts, publishing and the law. We are also in the 'Saturn in Libra' transit of the spiritual teacher of the spiritual law until October 2012.

The train derailed 20 km from the train station and as we know 20 is the number of judgement. 1+9 also compounds to ten and the spiritual law. Christ said that what you give will come back to you 30, 60, or 100 fold.  So the people that were injured were being given a wake-up call.

Some of the coaches were sleeper coaches from S5-S10. This is a five year and ten is a new cycle of time. 5+10 = 15 divided by 5 gives us the 555 gateway.

There were eight coaches derailed and that is the number of Spiritual transformation.

Also in the news is the fact that Iranian leaders are visiting India as Clinton arrives. [3]


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