Friday, 18 May 2012


A 10 foot deep crater appeared suddenly Thursday afternoon, May 17, yards from the homes of the people  at Newburn, Newcastle, England.

In my humble view, people are being shown the 'fault lines' and are being given warnings to move away from these areas where the sink holes appear. May 17 was the 'Day of Bottom Line'. Multi-dimensional messages can be accessed from these happenings.

17 is also the number of the STAR associated with Venus, the planet of love. Love is warning the people, for it is a sacred star.

New burn is also related to the prophet of God, due to the Spirit of Fire being related to the prophet Elijah. England is the land of Joseph and it goes without saying that the people of the Islands would be given many warnings, this is one of them. It is a major sign, for those that can accept the signs given to help you to make your decisions in life.

Follow your hearts, where you are compelled to go, take heed of the messages that you receive. Your life and the life of your children could depend upon it, in the coming decades.

Joseph is also the unfettered flame of love, and the biblical prophecies predict that the tribes of Joseph will be saved in the last days of the end times.

New castle, also relates to New Jerusalem, the new holy city of enlightenment. However, the new holy city will not be built on the land of Joseph. The heavenly Father has chosen a different land, a different location for his holy city to be built.

Ten foot deep, the number of new cycle of time, it is also the numeric correspondence of the sephirot.

Love beyond measure


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