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In October 2011 I rebuked 'Kim Miller' who had written about ELIAKIM and the so-called 'Kennedy Curse'. [1] In recent days, I wrote about the Angelic Architects that are mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the video includes Michael Reynolds who is based in TAO, New Mexico.

Today, there is news that Mary Kennedy has hung herself in New York and left a suicide note. It is also claimed that this gifted architect, relentless advocate of green design was 'deeply troubled, abusing alcohol and prescription drugs'. Mary was 52 years old and divorced from her husband Robert F. Kennedy. [2]

She lived in WESTCHESTER. West is the sacred direction of peace, and CHESTER relates to the name of a Roman city in England. 52 is the age of a spiritual elder and 5+2 = 7. The life number of the spiritual teacher. In the new testament, seven is to do with the spiritual law of forgiveness, in the OT it is the 'seven year cycle' often related to marriages. The seven year cycle can also be karmic and relates to a karmic situation.

Seven colors of the rainbow, the coat of many colors of JOSEPH. Seven musical notes.

52 is the number of 'Attempted assassinations and dangerous enemies' in numerology.

The Obamacrat blog claims that it was Mary that filed for divorce on the 12th of May, 2010.

The police state that they found her at 1.36 in an outbuilding, and in Hebrew gematria 36 is the value of the 'righteous soul'. Hence, the timing speaks of 'ONE RIGHTEOUS SOUL'. As we know the name MARY is also related to the Roman Catholic Church. Although yesterday, I wrote about 'Mary the Jewess' who was an alchemist and prophet. Please see our other blog.

Bedford Police is also the name of a place in England, in this land of Joseph. Bedford is in East Anglia.

Mary Kennedy was clearly a naturally beautiful woman with a big heart. However, this death does not feel right. It feels sacrificial, and God did not ask for sacrifice, he asked for Mercy.  Her youngest child is only eleven, and any mother in her right mind does not leave her children in this way. Mary's passing will surely impact on more than her own family.

Mary passed away on the 16th of May, 2012. The 16th of May was the 'Day of Flair' and Mary clearly had creative flair.

16 also relates to Rev 16 and the politicians. No greater political family than the Kennedy's. She looked so much like JFK's wife when she was young.

May Mary rest in peace and her children and family be comforted at this time.

In addition to the passing of Mary, there has been a collision between ships in the Pacific ocean, and one of the ships is called the USS ESSEX. Essex is also in East Anglia.


The Daily Mail give a full report following the funeral today. That was fast. No inquest?

They also state that the divorce proceedings were started by her husband in 2010, although the divorce had not been finalized. It is clear that her husband had put her under tremendous pressure, financially and in other ways. Their home is also worth a considerable sum of money at $4 million, there is your motive. Is it coincidental that he started divorce proceedings one month after she finished renovating the house to make it ecological? I have always said that relationships tend to end the way that they've begun. 

Apparently her husband was already married when he began his relationship with Mary. He divorced his first wife in the Dominican Republic, within a month married Mary, who gave birth to his first child, three months later.

As we know the Kennedy family are famous for their affairs. Mary's marriage came out of an affair with a married man, her marriage ended over an affair obviously. It appears that there was also a court order, restraining order on her as well.

It is no coincidence that the children were out of the way when she died. It looks like her death was planned. Her sister-in-law, also said that 'she was an angel claimed by evil forces'. Goodness gracious me, she also said that she was 'unable to stop Satan taking her life'. Well it is clear to me who took her life and who had the motivation to do so. You can look within the Kennedy family itself.


Further update. Reuters give a slightly different story on what Mary's sister-in-law said at the funeral.



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