Sunday, 20 May 2012

ITALIAN EARTHQUAKE 6.0 - 20th May 2012

Following on from the Italian school bomb, we now have a 6.0 earthquake in Italy that has killed at least four people. 50 people have been injured and 50 is the number of the jubilee and the signs thereof. Reports that the tremor has caused 'significant damage to the cultural heritage' of Emilia Romagna region.

It includes a 15th century castle, bell tower, Sant'Agostina ceramic factory, Tecopress di Dosso, and and historic church. Did it include a theatre or is there more to come in a different part of the world before this day of the solar eclipse is out? A church is certainly like a theatre.

There are some incredible shots provided by Reuters to the Daily Mail. This being the first major event on this 20 May, 2012 annular solar eclipse.

One of the photographs shows you a clock tower split in two. The Epicentre was about 22 miles north-north-west of Bologna. I flew into and from Bologna in September 2003, it is beautiful Italian countryside.

As we know 22 is a master number of the divine feminine and we moved into 22 planetary energies on the 22nd of May, 2004. The earthquake also struck at 4.04am = 22 x 2 = 44. 44 is the numeric of relationship, relationships with each other and the land on which we live.

The quake was a 6.0 magnitude and the LORD God likes me to look at the soferim of the magnitudes of the earthquakes, and to understand their meaning. It is reported that this is one of the strongest earthquakes to shake northern Italy.

The Hebrew letter with the value of six is the VAV and in the ancient pictographs that it is the tent peg. As we know the tent peg is to do with ELIAKIM in the biblical prophecies. The one that holds the key of David, the key of the beloved. Six is also the points of the star of david that appeared in the planetary configuration during the harmonic concordance in November 2003. I was sent divinely to Florence in Italy for that event.

The Rabbi's describe the Vav as a vertical line, a pillar, standing upright. In the book of Revelation,
the one that was victorious and overcome was made into a pillar in the temple of God. Rev 3:12 The prophecy also tells the one that he chose; not to let anyone take your crown and hold on to what you have. I have certainly done that as much as possible.

The Rabbi's refer to it as a pillar of truth and divinity piercing through the middle point of creation. As such, you can also view it as the Spirit of Truth. Also the six orders of the mishnah.

The Rabbi also connects it to the power of 'teshuvah', the 'tzadikim' and 'Mashiach'. [2]

In recent days I posted a video on the Nostradamus 'Sun 20 prophecy' and it included how there was 'ruin' coming on the 20th and how it related to judgement, as 20 is the number of judgment.

May those that have died rest in peace. Those injured get well soon.

To the rest of Italy, teshuvah.




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  1. Second earthquake, same place. 9.00am local time. 9 = completion and divine love. Ten people passed over. Ten is new cycle of time and the sefirot.