Thursday, 10 May 2012


Well its all going down in Indonesia. I took a look to see if I had posted anything on Aceh in the past, on the 14th of September 2009 I had posted a story from the BBC about Aceh passing the 'adultery stoning law'. The post was titled 'Indonesia in the pit now it passes adultery law'.

98% of Aceh's population is thought to be Muslim. Ah Indonesia the land where Obama went to school, a land that was once Buddhist and Hindu as fallen to radical Islam.

There was the earthquake in April and now there is an air crash of a Russian test flight of their new plane that disappeared. Early reports stated that it might have been hijacked. Although there is nothing more on that in the Russian news media. News reports state that there were diplomats and journalists on board, and they do not anticipate finding anyone alive. In the telegraph pictures of the plane there is the number 211.

211 is a 47th prime number and some news bulletins say that there were 47 people aboard. 211 is the Hebrew gematria for lion, the roarer. As I was writing that a tambourine came crashing down off the bookshelf. I purchased that tambourine at Cairo airport, and the LORD called Obama the 'Pharaoh' in 2008, he also said 'Obama is a double agent'. Obama, the Leo the Leopard mentioned in the book of Daniel and Rev 13.

211 is the Hebrew gematria for a 'learned', a scholar, as we know Obama went to Harvard. Bill Hendrick also states that it is the hebrew gematria value of 'licker', 'sucker', 'a leech; a vampire'. Proverbs 30 also mentions the 'leech', and the 'slave that became a king'. [3]

211 is also the value of 'The Word'. 'Reason' and 'Cause' and counsellor. [4]

In the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh.





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