Tuesday, 1 May 2012


For the last few hours I have been smelling fish and chips, and that always reminds me of an Englishman that lived in Sydney. He liked his weekly yacht races and his name was Sid.

No surprise then to find that there has been a fire on the Cornish coastline.

This is the second hotel fire event this year in the UK. Fortunately, nobody was harmed. This time it is in Falmouth, Cornwall. The Falmouth Beach hotel is owned by Best Western, and the fire happened on Monday. One of the guests, is Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. Certainly a message for Blur, has they're planning to headline an Olympics gig on the 12th of August. The 12th of August is the 'Day of Convention'.

Falmouth is another popular sailing destination. I tried to give a warning to that neck of the woods early in January about the environment. However, they did not have the ears to hear.

The Best Western hotel has 120 bedrooms and is one of the biggest in Falmouth. 100 guests from the St Michael's hotel also had to be evacuated.

120 is to do with Rev 12 and the wondrous woman from heaven, clothed in the sun with the moon under her feet. Michael is also to do with Michael mentioned in the book of Daniel, and Archangel Michael mentioned in Rev 12. One of the angels that stood against me in that timeline, also moved down to that part of the country.

100 is to do with the spiritual law. In the NT it tells the people what you give will come back to you 30, 60, 100 fold. The wondrous woman from heaven did not receive anything from Best Western or Blur.

30 people were staying at Best Western hotel, and 30 is the Hebrew gematria value of the LAMED. In the ancient pictographs, 30 is a pictograph of the shepherds staff.

One can certainly find fish and chips at coastal resorts. It is still part of the local tuck.

After I wrote that the heavenly Father said 'Tell them I have raised the plate'. 

Apparently, there is an American saying about 'stepping up to the plate.' It means that the people have a choice, to accept and step up to the plate, or take responsibility for not doing so.


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