Thursday, 18 November 2010


I was once blessed to be taken to see Donna Summer at a concert in the 70's, she was sensational. What she could do with a mike cannot be found in words to describe it.

Love this video of her singing 'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE'.

I once had a vision of running a school project for children on 'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE' for the young ones on GLOBAL LOVE DAY, and the science/biology of love for the older ones in every school in our nation. I contacted the representative of Dr BRUCE LIPTON to ask him for the cost of purchasing 37.000 DVD's, one for every school to be part of the package for the teachers.

I did not even receive a reply. At that time we had a student that was working in the marketing department of a large corporation and was happy to put our proposal forward. I could not put the proposal forward because I could not put together the accurate costs due to people not responding with quotes.

So folks where is the love when it matters?

Unconditional love


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