Saturday, 13 November 2010


"The 63-year-old organic farmer from the former Sydenham Township has been in jail since Nov. 1, when he was arrested for failing to appear in the Superior Court of Justice.

Bothwell was in court that day to set a date for a jury trial on charges concerning a run-in he had with police on the eastern fringe of Owen Sound in May 2009, but he wouldn't respond when his name was called and he wouldn't walk past the bar -- which separates the public from the jurisdiction of the court -- when the clerk summoned him at the direction of Justice Robert Thompson.

Accordingly, Bothwell had been in custody for seven days until brought back into court Monday morning to face Thompson again. Bothwell remains in custody and is to appear in court again next Tuesday.

Three or four uniformed police controlled access to the courtroom before the case was called. Access was permitted only after all electronic devices were surrendered or otherwise kept outside the courtroom.

Bothwell faces two charges of obstructing police and one count of assault while resisting arrest from an incident after a traffic stop May 14, 2009, in Owen Sound.

He has referred to himself as Geordie of the Family Bothwell, Geordie and more recently as George Hugh.

His arguments, set out in documents handed out by supporters Monday, seem to be that the statement of birth and birth certificate are government-issued identity documents that Bothwell doesn't have to recognize.

"If I did appear as BOTHWELL, then I believe that would be committing the act of impersonation which I am sure you are well aware is a criminal offence," says one document titled "The Evidence."

As Abba said in 2006 'LET MY PEOPLE GO'

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