Monday, 18 January 2010

Thanksgiving Hymn

Hymn of Thanksgiving from the Dead Sea Scrolls
Translation by Geza Vermes page 298.

For I am made to stand with the 'god's, and I will not .....
For me with fine gold; gold and purified gold
will not be reckoned for me.

Chant, O Beloved, sing to the King.
Rejoice in the congregation of God.
Exult in the tents of salvation.
Give thanks in the dwelling of holiness.

Extol together with the eternal host.
Magnify our God and glorify our King.
Sanctify His name with powerful lips,
and a victorious tongue.

Lift up alone your voice in all ages,
Let a joyous (healing) meditation be heard.
Burst out in eternal rejoicings
and prostrate incessantly in the common assembly.

Bless the wonderful Maker of exalted things,
Him who proclaims the power of His hand,
sealing mysteries and revealing secrets,
lifting up those who stumble and fall,
restoring the progress of those who hope for knowledge,
and humbling the meetings of the everlasting haughty;
sealing the mysteries of his splendour
and establishing the wonders of glory.

O Judge, whose anger is destructive,
in righteous loving-kindness and great mercy,
be gracious too
mercy to those who bear fruits of His great goodness,
and the source of their wickedness ends....
oppression ceases, the tyrant ceases..
treachery stops and there is no senseless perversities.

Light shines and joy bursts forth;
mourning and sorrow flees.
Peace is revealed, dread ceases.
A spring has opened up for an eternal blessing
and for healing in all the everlasting ages.

Iniquity has stopped, plague has ceased with no more illness...
....has been gathered in and ....will be no more.
Announce and say "Great is God, Maker of Marvels".
For He humbles the proud Spirit with no remnant.
and from the dust He Lifts up the poor to eternal heights.
And he lifts them up to the share a common assembly with the 'gods.

And....anger for everlasting destruction.
He raises freely the totterers on earth,
and His might is with their steps,
and everlasting joy in their dwellings,
eternal glory without end forever.

Let them say "Blessed be God, Author of majestic wonders,
who reveals might splendidly, and justifies with knowledge all His creatures,
so that goodness is on their faces.
They know the multitude of His loving kindness
and the abundance of His mercies.
to all the children of His truth.
We know Thee, O God of righteousness,
and we comprehend  the King of glory.
For we have seen Thy zeal through the mighty power
and have observed Thy deeds.
and the abundance of thy mercies and wondrous forgiveness.

What is flesh compared to these?
What do...amount to
that they recite these things from age to age,
and hold themselves upright before thee.
And enter into communion with the Sons of Heaven.
No interpreter can answer according to thy mouth
and Thee.

For thou established us 

according to Thy pleasure in the territory
we have spoken to thee and not to a mediator
And thou hast lent an ear to the issue of our lips.

Announce and say: 

Blessed be God, Creator of the heavens by His power.
Designer of all their devices by His strength of the earth by his might.


God shall sanctify some of the holy as an everlasting sanctuary for himself, and purity shall endure amongst the cleansed. They shall be priests, his holy righteous people, his host, servants, the angels of his glory. They shall praise him with marvelous prodigies. Songs of the Sages, Dead Sea Scrolls....

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