Friday, 22 January 2010

Bambi Vision

Earlier today I saw a lovely vision of a Bambi winking at me and it is a powerful message for the gentle and tender hearted. There is a lot of sorting out going on and humanity are just not up for being in a state of unhealthy consciousness anymore. 

Those that promote or support a lack of well being or unhealthy realities will be brought to account rather fast. Those that are driving the machine to destruction will reach their end because as the scriptures predicted the meek shall inherit the earth. 

A few years ago there was some research done in Europe by
Henley, it was the largest research ever carried out in Europe 
with over 22,000 participants. 

Most people were not satisifed with seeking outside of 
themselves for material realities anymore. At the top of 
their list of requirements was well-being and happiness. 

Those that promote well-being and a healthy consciousness 
through whatever means are a magnet for the goodness of 
humanity. The good and upright are not up for a lack of 
integrity, drugs that don't work, governments and people 
who do not catch up in 2010. 

This is the year of the great emergence out of the old ways 
of being that is destroying humanity and the planet.

Its interesting to note that there is "Golden Bambi Film Award" 
and the gentle and tender hearted will certainly receive their 
rewards for being who they are. The original film received three 
academy award nominations for Best Sound, Best Song and the 
Song was called 

"Love IS A Song".

In the film Bambi's Father tells him that his mother cannot 
be with the little Prince anymore and then leads him away. 
The cycle of power of the Deer is Spring and Autumn and 
this is certainly the final countdown. 

The Deer also represents gentleness and the luring to a new 
adventure. Its senses are very acute and its vision is designed 
for clarity at a distance. Its hearing is also equally acute. 

The gentle Bambi is gentle in its love and it understands the 
gentle and tender hearted because it is gentle and tender itself. 

You'll Be in my heart

Divine Justice will be done.

"Justice and the law can be a very thin line to walk and it 
takes great wisdom to ensure that the children are defended 
from injurious realities at the same time as allowing them 
the freedom to be."

"The unity of light foot are those that tread CARE FULLY 
along the path.The footprint on the earth is lightness itself."

"It is the LORD's purpose that prevails.”- Proverbs 19:-21 

"Wisdom is proved right by her actions."Matthew 11:19

Love beyond measure


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