Thursday, 21 January 2010

Insatiable -v- Contentment

Life experience is the sacred text of knowledge and God asked yesterday that we keep it simple for this next phase of the work to help humanity.

From experience contentment comes after people have made peace with the self. Through healing the self people become contented with the self because human desire falls away with each step of the ascent.

In the contentment and peace of the science of being; there is limitless potential of divine purpose and doing the will of God. When people are truly contented they accept the gifts from God with a humble heart of receiving. Being golden receptacles for divine will is mighty indeed. In divine will people manifest their limitless potential and blessings in abundance; then miracles unfold like the heavens opening up before you.

Both Jesus and Buddha knew that human desire was the cause of great pain and suffering. Hence why it is imperative that people return to the core of their purest essence of purity.

When people return to the sacred they also return to God, it really is that simple. 

So what can make people insatiable and filled with human desires like a donkey following a carrot that they never catch?

We know through experience of working with clients and 'inner child' specialists that unmet needs in childhood create needs to be met in adulthood if people do not heal the self. Unmet needs, desires and dreams of parents also impact on children when they live their lives through their children. For instance parents that influence a young person to do a specific degree or to choose a certain line of work or career because it was their dream or the parents dream for their children.

Parents have a tremendous impact on children and it is imperative that they do not reshape the gem that was born to them. Parents are the guardian of the soul and the wise soul of the child is not your possession.

Allowing a child to be a free Spirit is mighty indeed and it shows us that the parents exult children to equality.

Desire can also come from unmet desires in past lives and some people are aware of what must be addressed on a soul level. The more that people heal the self the more they reach their limitless potential because there is nothing holding them back.

People who have fulfilled their human desires can also become contented once their challenges have been met. At this point people usually find that the soul of the life then takes them into a completely different direction, and they begin a new career in their higher state of being. Some people will change career many times and nothing is wasted. Every talent and skill collected along the way home to God is valuable when you value everything. You come to know; that every part of the journey was important to the work to be done at the destination and this is usually decided upon pre-destination.

Can people be contented with limitless divine potential and move from being to becoming what they were born to be?

We hope so, keep the lantern of light burning...

Contentment and peace beyond measure.

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