Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Did you change the way you think?

There was a time in my life when I was forced to change the way that I thought because negativity and the issues that I held inside had taken me into the depths of a dark pit without me even realising it. 

After a lot of soul searching I realised that if my energy could take me down it could also take me up. I discovered that my own energy could be changed simply by changing the way that I thought. 

That was the start of the rising out of the mud. I then discovered that the body believes every word you say and then the healing began. For many years I looked for the solutions and I tried many therapies and products to help with the healing process. 

I eventually found what worked for me and it was clear that it had a divine purpose. Discovering what didn't work was a process of elimination and I was then able to discover what did work at each level of progression. 

Every place the Lord led me had a very important reason for being and nothing was wasted because I now valued everything. Starting the healing process was the beginning of taking the steps home to God. It was also the start of real empowerment that was self-sustainable. However, only desire at that time was to attain peace of mind. 

I did not realise how difficult it is for people to change the way that they think until a professor/author told me it was so. 

The more I healed the self the more in tune I was with my own soul, the more healing of self there was the more divine purpose was revealed. I came to understand the many initiations that we encounter in life and if one doesn't pass one with flying colours another opportunity is brought to you at a later time. After awhile, I came to understand the initiations at the deepest level of being. This also led me to come to know and understand spiritual alchemy and the science of being that is as natural as the cosmos and the plants that grow. 

In self development this is what we call "self-disclosure" in the therapeutic relationship. 

Did you change the way that you think? 

Did you move from being a victim to becoming a Master ?

Master of Spiritual Alchemy


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