Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Jesus and Buddha

Marcus Borg compiled a book of the parallel sayings of Jesus and Buddha.

Universal truth is universal truth....

On the journey home to the Kingdom of God one discovers that the Christ leads you to many rooms in his Father's house and that includes Buddhism. If you are led to that spiritual room for divine purpose of helping you to integrate what is required to be understood fully.

In every room of God's house there is treasure to collect for God did not give the whole truth to one nation or culture because he knows the weakness of earthlings.

God knows that if people have the Spiritual Independence to allow their own spiritual growth to develop along the path home to him, on the way they will collect the treasure that awakens what they know to be true.

For some this can help them make a breakthrough in many different realities.

Is forgiveness integrated without acceptance? No.

Does divine love become a state of being without zero judgement?No.

Does true compassionate action become a reality without unconditional love becoming a state of being? No.

Plato and the Greek philosophers knew this too. Many different terms are used in ancient cultures to describe similar spiritual concepts. The overlap between them is immense and so it is with the languages also.

Completion of truth does exist when you have found it within. The treasure that is collected along the way are just the keys to help you to open another door within you and in so doing you open another gateway that leads to a different heaven of higher consciousness.

Every spiritual journey home to God is unique and chosen by you predestination if you choose it this lifetime. The journey is like the best cake or sweet you have ever had the pleasure to encounter. The spiritual journey is the fun a magical mystery tour and the destination is paradise for all eternity.

Beyond being divine love in manifestation on the earth plan is the Kingdom of God and it is in the Kingdom of God that divine justice is done with righteousness.

Why is that?

One is not righteous until one is divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

One is not peace if one is not compassionate, love and mercy.

God asked for mercy not sacrifice. Both the Buddha and Jesus Christ lived in the seat of mercy, compassion, love and enlightenment.

Without mercy, divine love and integrity there is no enlightenment.

Peace beyond measure


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