Friday, 29 January 2010

Bride of Christ

"In my life I have been truly blessed. 
To fly in the plane witnessing a panoramic view with the holy spirit navigating the trip. 
So all that I am required to see is shown to me. 
And in GOD I trust"

"Flying like a dolphin in unison and joy
The sea of emotion is like a still pond once more.

He holds my hand, 
I AM a bride of Christ
I wear his ring of protection, 
it is the ring past not and carry his sacred heart in mine.

To look back at the past no more
For the present is a precious gift from GOD
Love is the path of no return,
for LOVE is the way to live life forevermore.

He inspires me with his presence
And I feel like the belle of the ball
Dancing through heaven, 
our Kingdom of Love
The Sacred Union with the Divine."


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