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This is a section from our post on Ecclesiastes Chapter 12 on our other blog. Its worth putting up a post just on the Almond Tree. 


11. When the almond tree blossoms 

Interesting that the author chose a small tree such as the almond, it is clearly symbolic of the feminine. The almond tree and the shape of the almond relates to sacred geometry and can be found in the Vesica Piscis.  It is also the symbology that I was divinely given for the front page of my current website back in 2005.

In this timeline, Sacred geometry really started to take off with spiritual people towards the end of the 20th century. Symbolically the almond also represents sweetness, charm, delicacy, tenderness and the gentle hearted. Sweetness is also related to the honey of wisdom and in Buddhist philosophy it can be viewed as the sweet dew of purification.  In Christian symbology the almond represents divine favor, approval and the purity of the Virgin. There is also a parable of the Virgins in the New Testament connected to this timeline.

The shape of the real eyes of the good shepherd are also almond shaped. Almond is also my favorite nut, and I like sugar coated almonds very much. The fruit of the almond tree is usually sweet and the small tree as pink blossom, pink being the colour of love of the Love Ambassador that was sent to Israel in 2006. Almond oil is also used for massage, and massage also blossomed in the second part of the 20th century. She likes massage and aromatherapy very much. No coincidence then that one of our hosts in Israel was a massage therapist with the name of Gabriel.

In the hebrew the root word for almond is 'Shaqad' (strongs 08245) and it means 'watch', 'awake', 'alert'. What do we do? Send out alerts to warn the people in advance. What did Prophet Micah call the Messenger of God? The watchtower for the flock.

In the book of Jeremiah he was shown the branch of the almond tree and the LORD said to prophet Jeremiah 
"I am watching, to see that my word is fulfilled'. 


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