Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dr Klinghardt Healing

I agree with doctor Klinghardt and what he says in this interview. We know from past life healing work that disease moves from life time to life time and that the only way to break the cycles is by healing the root causes of the core issues including the memories. We also know that memory shape shifts from lifetime to lifetime. This is beyond genetics it is energetic. Hence, why scientists are really wasting their time playing with nature, because if you attempt to stop the memory surfacing in one way it will find a different place to move to. Man cannot stand in the way of the natural processes of creation without detriment. Just like water will find its way around a rock, man cannot stop a pent up flood, it will find its way to the ocean of emotion to show the person and nations what is required to be healed.

The energetic memories of parents are also passed onto children if the parents do not heal the self prior to having children. Hence, why cancer and heart disease run in particular families. The 20th century was born in fear due to world wars, hence the increase of cancers and of course the human heart cannot accept the nature of war and the reason for it. So many hearts were broken due to wars and the violence that they co-create. 

Hence why we have such a high level of heart disease and depression in the world. When there is 25% rate of depression in the world and 84% of emotional chaos in the USA, this also impacts on the physics of the cosmos and what is co-created in the outer world environmentally. It is essential that people take responsibility for their own health and the health of their children. 

There is no separation between the 'individual' and the land on which they live and this does impact on a nation's co-creation. Hence, why it is imperative that we encourage everyone to heal the self, not only for themselves but for their children and their children’s children. 

We know that love heals and eradicates the fear of the people, it also increases trust in the healing process of the science of being. This is a crucial time for humanity to heal their hearts; to enable a true heart of conscience to manifest. There can be no justice for the nations if the people are not willing to be justified within themselves.

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