Saturday, 30 April 2011


In the children's story of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends there was 'Buster the Steamroller'. As I said to someone earlier today the 'STEAMROLLER' is part of the old world, it as no place in the new world that is coming to be.

Steamrollers flatten the fragile grass that is growing quite nicely on its own in harmonic concordance with the divine plan. So who does this archetype fit? Those that call themselves anarchists and sometimes atheists, the bullies of the internet. Its their way or get flattened, and that is so old world.

They tend to complain about everything and everyone, they co-create anarchy and violence, recent weeks topped it all with Charlie Veitch and Muslims threatening to cause a fuss at the wedding, then they wonder why they face the strong arm of the law. I love freedom of speech and human rights for all. However, from experience that only applies to them.

If you stand up to them and point out a few facts. Holy cows, the steam roller arrives. They are so predictable just like the Obama supporters and those that stood against Simon Cowell. Listen guys and gals, the wise do not tell the left hand what the right hand is doing, only fools and horses would make the public announcements that you guys do. So you are either fools or on the payroll. What is hilarious is that the followers of Charlie Veitch accuse me of seeking followers, as I said 'Sorry don't have time for followers, clearly, Charlie as a lot more time to spare than I do'.

Does it remind you of the way that the Church treated the healers in medieval times when the healers were burnt for being witches? The Church also treated the Jewish people the same way. Many academics are more passive in their steam rolling, they're like the 'wooden heads'. You wonder if there is any real intellect in there at all when you look at the world that they have co-created based upon their world views. An academic once said to me about academics, just because a person is an academic doesn't mean that they have any common sense. That is so true.

When people have a fixed worldview, it can be very difficult to have a discussion with someone who does not allow themselves to listen and hear what the other person is actually saying. Walls of defence go up, then out comes the steam roller that flattens freedom of speech. The followers of Ady Cousins are the same. Abba said 'Give hmm a Fosters'. 

Unfortunately, it seems that many young ones have been programmed into how to  'steamroll' because it has been included into many video games. No surprise then to find the steam roller in a film from 1953 called 'The Titfield Thunderbolt'. In the famous TV series 'Dad's Army' discovered that they did not know how to stop the steamroller and they end up flattening their own tents and equipment. Well that is the spiritual law for you, nations and people are destroyed by their own hand. The steam rollers will get a taste of their own medicine, just to teach them the value of humility.

How can one have a conversation with a steamroller? My advice, don't stand in front of one of them, if you are as fragile as the green grass and flowers. Otherwise, they will simply mow you over without a second thought. You see steamrollers act on automatic pilot, due to a lack of self healing. They rarely, if ever, seriously put themselves in the shoes of another; to try to see it from the world from a different view. When you try to get them to engage on their views they often clam up or runaway.

So what is to be done with them? If all dialog goes over their heads, its best to leave them to themselves.

Only by being removed from your space do they begin to seek within for the reason why. Some may justify themselves immediately,  for some it may take many years for them to wake up to their co-creation.

In my experience the person that steam rolls others is due to belief or worldview, they usually have some suppressed anger to heal and we cannot force people to heal themselves. No matter how much you show them the importance of the scientific evidence to the good health of consciousness. These people are typical of stroke victims, metaphysically, they would rather die than change.

Walk lightly on the planet if you care for it fully.


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