Friday, 24 September 2010

33 Miners 50th Day

On the 12th of September we sent out an email internationally about the 33 miners trapped in the mine in Chile. Today, is their 50th day underground. We pray that they are rescued as soon as possible.

From the BBC report.

"They have been briefed by a team of experts from Nasa, chatted to a group of Uruguayan rugby players who survived the famous plane crash in the Andes in 1972, and received messages of support from around the world.
And they have had time to think.
"Thank God that I've finally been able to take stock of things here, at the age of 39," one of the miners, Mario Sepulveda, wrote in one of his letters to his wife. "I think I'll benefit a lot from this rebirth."
The tale of the trapped miners has unleashed an outpouring of national pride in Chile. The men have been praised for their strength, their discipline and their stoicism - all much-prized virtues in this, one of the more sober and austere of South American countries.
The fact that the story has coincided with Chile's bicentenary - celebrated on 18 September - has only fuelled that sense of patriotism." [1]

As we know this is a three year of innovative creative solutions.
50 is also the number of communication. In Hebrew gematria it is  
'Everything' and 'All'. 
The Man, Sea, Born, To You/For You, You Are Mine. [2]
The 33 miners do have a message for humanity and they will receive a reward.

There is also a man that I have known for many years who has his sea legs.
All for one and one for all. 
God bless them all.

There is also an amazing eclipse coming on the 21st of December and wisdom
will flood into Latin American from Northern Europe at the beginning of the
eclipse. More information on that nearer the time.

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