Saturday, 28 November 2009

Solutions for Afganistan

Will Manmohan Singh influence Obama's Afghan strategy? Do either of them have the solution? The economic times from India provide this information.

" Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's assertive counsel to stay the course in Afghanistan or risk "catastrophic consequences" under an emboldened Taliban could play a decisive role in President Barack Obama's final determination about his new strategy in the region.

It is more than likely that the prime minister's warning in his interviews preceding the just concluded state visit to the US was a carefully calibrated move to ensure that the Obama administration seriously factors in India's views in their long-term strategy.

In an interview with Newsweek, Singh said, "A victory for the Taliban in Afghanistan would have catastrophic consequences for the world, particularly for South Asia, for Central Asia, for the Middle East. Religious fundamentalism in the '80s was used to defeat the Soviet Union. If this same group of people that defeated the Soviet Union now defeats the other major power (America), this would embolden them in a manner which could have catastrophic consequences for the world at large."

One comment among those hanging around at Hotel Willard, where Manmohan Singh stayed, went something like this, "If an independent and respectable figure like Dr Singh were to make the case in support of staying the course in Afghanistan, it might help President Obama to present the case with greater credibility to his skeptical liberal constituents. To that extent Manmohan Singh is an ideal stakeholder to push for staying the course."

Not that there was any obvious connection but during his joint news conference with Manmohan Singh, Obama said, "After eight years - some of those years in which we did not have, I think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done - it is my intention to finish the job". This was followed by reports quoting his aides that he would probably add 30,000 more troops." [1] For the full article please read the link provided. "

Our response is this:

One has to remember from an Islamic viewpoint it is good if America goes into Afganistan with more forces because then more Muslims will join the international Jihad against the West.

Frankly, this is an Asian/Middle Eastern problem and as such they should sort out their own region in my humble view. It is a sad state of affairs if the whole of the Asian and Middle Eastern region have to come begging to the West to sort out its problems for them, they have enough manpower and firepower of their own.

Let us get the children out of there if they wish to leave. 70% of the Afgan population are children and many of them in Afganistan are orphans. As such they have the right to choose whether to leave if the West will unite to help the children.

Just imagine a Western rescue operation instead of a Western war machine. As we know love is essential for orphans and so is a warm, safe and secure home with good adopted parents. Would the West be willing to adopt these children? Would the West be willing to provide for these children and bring them up as their own? Would the West be willing to switch its priorities to rescue the innocent instead of running after those that live in caves? Would the West be willing to channel its money into something really positive for a change? Could our Air force have a really positive impact and be the Knights in shinning armour by airlifting the children to an environment that is healthy for children?

Please God help the children of Afganistan. Encourage and inspire the world to adopt a stranger.

Justice beyond measure




Abba replied, God said 'Yes, take the life blood out and leave the rest to rot in shame".

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