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Master of Compassion - Jesus Christ

Orthodox Christians have accused the Menchem ben Ami of not witnessing for the Christ and tonight he has chosen this to be shared.

On my return from Australia in 1999 many things had changed although I had only been away from England for one year. Most of all I had changed partly due to my time in Australia and its experience but most of all because of Jesus Christ and his mother. It was while I was in Australia that the Holy Mother called me for a mission of compassion with the children and it was also when Jesus Christ appeared before me for the first time and spoke to me.

However, what he would like me to share with you in this post is when he came to me due to a friend coming out as a cross dresser.

Soon after I returned from Australia a letter arrived in the post from a young male platonic friend. We had met through business some years earlier when he was living in our county.

We were very fond of each other and I had also met his girlfriend who he was planning to marry, they had a small child together when he returned to his county.

Well in 2000 the letter arrived explaining the truth of how he was a cross dresser and he had been since a small child. His youngest memory was the age of five. He had hidden this secret from his own family, his girlfriend and his friends. After he did a healing training course he could not hide anymore. He had to be true to himself and live in integrity and that meant coming out and telling his loved ones the truth about who he was and what he did in secret.

Some of his male spiritual friends rejected him and immediately thought their friendship was compromised by a friend that they thought was a man; when in fact they now viewed him as a man that wished to be a woman. This brought up many mixed feelings for them to do with association.

When the letter arrived my heart of compassion and mercy went out to him and his situation that was far from an easy one. I replied to him by letter to put his mind at rest that I would always love him for the beautiful soul that he was.

Some months later I was called to attend an exhibition in his home county and it was an ideal opportunity to catch up with him and his girlfriend. So we arranged for me to stay with them for a few days.

When he came to meet me, yes he looked different, his hair had been allowed to grow long, he had shaved his eyebrows, he was looking much more feminine. However, as soon as he opened his mouth and spoke to me I knew this was the same treasured soul I had always known.

During my stay with him and his partner and small child. There was lots to see, hear and understand. Here was a male form that wished to dress as a woman and still have a relationship with the woman he loved. He was not attracted to men at all.

His girlfriend was young, uneducated, very innocent and it was only natural that she wasn't happy about the whole situation. Of course there was a small child involved as well. There were great concerns all round and a lot of heartbreak on both sides.

In the meantime the house was a complete mess and it was filled with a very heavy energy of negativity. I had walked into their reality. At that time black furniture was also still fashionable and that didn't help either.

Master Jesus - The Master of Compassion

That night when I went to sleep I laid on a bed of judgement of all that was going on.

In the morning when I opened my eyes the face of Jesus Christ was before me. He simply looked at me with his most amazing eyes that said 'Compassion Kim, Compassion." The sheer power of his energy overwhelmed me with the sheer power of his love.

After his appearance we then stepped forward to help those in the best way that we know how. To help them raise their vibration and make the changes that were right and positive for them. We told them both that they must put the child first and to not rush into any operations or separations. We counselled them both separately and together. We also did some work with the child and showed the man the way.

Within a couple of years they did live separately and he was seeking a sex change. However, half way through the treatment he changed his mind. Whether that was because life was becoming more difficult and lonely for him the more he came out is for him to know and he never did say the reason that he changed his mind.

During the training that this vessel was blessed to receive this is what I wrote about some of things that he taught me.

Jesus taught me to have compassion for the (people) children, to forgive and to take compassionate action to help them in anyway that I can. He said they cannot help it if they do not understand but eventually they will learn from your example.

He showed me parts of his life and all the contemplation due to his own human frustration, he understood me and he explained that his motives and pure intent were also misunderstood.

He said that if this had not been the case that he could have achieved so much more while here on planet earth. He taught that the individual is the most important thing of all and it is here that I shall follow him and place my energies at that time.

He shared with me that when the crucifix is removed from earth so will all the pain and suffering be removed from earth. There is no justice while suffering remains in any domain. He would like to be remembered fully clothed, happy smiling in joy surrounded by the children that he loves. During a healing session he said there was a time bomb in his heart and that this was the love vibration that would sweep planet earth. In May 2004 he said the time bomb was ready to go off!

A Millennium Prayer

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