Monday, 23 November 2009

The Fruit will not be delayed

You can find some wonderful words in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Fragment 2 (4.Q521)

"The heavens and earth will listen to his Messiah, and none therein will stray from the commandments of the Holy Ones. Seekers of the Lord, strengthen yourselves in His service. All you hopeful in your heart, will you not find the Lord in this? For the Lord will consider the pious and call the righteous by name.

Over the poor his Spirit will hover and renew the faithful with his power. And he will glorify the pious on the throne of the eternal Kingdom. He who liberates the captives, restores sight to the blind, straightens the bent. And forever I will cleave to the hopeful and in His mercy.

And the fruit will not be delayed for anyone. And the Lord will accomplish glorious things which have never been. For he will heal the wounded, revive the dead and bring good news to the poor. He will lead the uprooted and knowledge and smoke."

(IQSb=1Q28b) The Faithful will be blessed.

Words of blessing. The Master shall bless them that do His (God's) will, that keep his commandments, and hold fast to His holy covenant, and walk perfectly in all of his ways of His truth, whom he has chosen for an eternal covenant which shall endure forever.

May the Lord bless you from his abode of His holiness; may he open for you from heaven an eternal fountain which shall not fail. May he favour you with every heavenly blessing; may he teach you the knowledge of the Holy Ones!

May he unlock for you the everlasting fountain; may he not withhold the waters of life from them that thirst!


Remember all of the mystics, prophets and spiritual people down the ages who worked so hard to ensure that the light of the Spirit continued to shine.

Remember how blessed humanity are to be able to share so much in a completely open forum.

Remember that just 100 years ago most had to be discussed behind closed doors away from prying eyes. Many of them are still persecuted today, even though they are not here to defend themselves.

Remember what many have given to help humanity to progress thus far. Remember those spiritual people that gave their lives for the future of humanity and for the truth of spirituality in all of its forms from many different cultures.

Remember the mystics, prophets and spiritual people who prayed earnestly for this time to come. They prayed for you, they dedicated their lives to help you and the future children of the world.

Always honour those that came before you, those that paved the way, those that cut down the walls in front of you, never forget what has been given to help you all.

Never forget, forget them not! Honour them and remember all the silent heros.

They sing and dance for you....

They love you

This is post 72. 72 = God's 72 Hidden names. 72 Bridges of Knowledge (da’at). (note: sometimes the 72 bridges are related to loving-kindness, as the numerical value of the word for loving-kindness in Hebrew, chesed, is equal to 72). Altogether 72 righteous souls, 72 bridges of love. The Jewish sages state that the task of these righteous tzadikim is to bridge the gaps between the Jewish people.[1]

However, God said "She is a bridge that you can walk across into a new reality". Are there another 71 bridges? How wonderful it would be if they all came together and worked together in one team. How amazing that would be if they built New Jerusalem together.


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