Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bless the waters and pay it forward.....

There was reason and purpose why Jesus the Christ spent some of his time teaching the Apostles while he was on a boat and close to water. Jesus knew that water holds memory and the water would carry his words far and wide.

Bless the waters with the words of all goodness of pure intention and watch how the birds respond. This vessel was sent to bless the waters in Australia, Italy, Israel and England, it had a divine purpose and reason for being.

Put your positive intentions into the waters of your own bodies and also the oceans, rivers and lakes.

The message is being heard far and wide. Deep within the souls of humanity they are hearing our call. These words were inspired in 2004 and they are from the 'Sacred Union with the Divine" article.


"The sign of Aquarius is symbolised by the bearer of water, represented by the Star card in the Tarot, all of these ancient symbols have held the hidden clues of the divine plan for us. The Star card represents the intuitive, active feminine force it is the card of divine destiny. In the picture the naked woman of purity pours the water into the river and on land to reactivate life in perfect balance, creating a fertile landscape. In the Morgan Greer tarot cards you will also find that the flower is in full bloom once more, above the woman’s head is a large diamond star, eight stars altogether shining through the eight main chakra’s, the divine plan is being revealed to us here and now. The number eight represents infinity with all that is.

It is written that at the end of the age a sign of the Son of man would be seen in the heavens. (Matt.,XXiV,30). The divine intervention took place and the symbol of Christ Consciousness appeared in the cosmos in November 2003, the planets formed the ‘Star of David’ in the heavens and this astrological configuration was named the ‘Harmonic Concordance’ and was celebrated by many around the globe. A celestial event such as this predicts the fulfillment of a prophecy from GOD about great change on the planet and for humanity in general. We were asked to carry out ‘Harmonic Epiphany’ to cleanse and purify the earth. When we love the earth, the earth loves us right back. We were also informed that the Solar Eclipse on the 23rd November was not only the ‘Night of Power’, the night of blessings but also this special new moon usually celebrated annually by the Muslim faith was very special last year. It signified the very first day of the predicted golden age.

Harmonic Epiphany

The water of Aquarius symbolises divine feminine gift from GOD to restore life to an ailing planet and assure continuance of the human race. The Epiphany is known as the Feast of the Blessing of Water and also The Feast of Lights or the Day of Illumination. The Greek word ‘epiphany’ means manifestation of divinity and in Old Slavonic, the feast is called ‘Bohojavlenije’ equivalent to the Greek ‘Theophany’, which means the manifestation of the Godhead.

Master Jesus imparted upon water a mystical power of sanctification, a sign of heavenly streams of divine grace - through prayer and blessing one receives a ‘quickening power’ and evocation of the holy spirit. This ritual goes back to ancient times, when it was custom to go in procession to the nearest stream or river to perform the ritual of blessing the water.

In the ritual of baptism, both Judaism and Christianity adopted the symbolism of Aquarius, whose water brought forth the emergence of new life. Water has always been a most sacred part of Mother Earth, the most powerful expression of the life-giving abundance of the Divine feminine aspect. 70-80% of our bodies and the surface of planet earth is occupied by water - this is the time to honour its sacredness ~ when you love planet earth it loves you right back and when you love yourself you blossom once more.

To assist the integration of this new consciousness on this planet, Divine Mother the feminine aspect of GOD requests that we all be willing instruments for Divine Will to purify the waters in our environment and ourselves with the influx of GOD consciousness that is showering our planet at this time. To hold sacred ceremonies to bless the waters and to pray with this intent.

Let us join together to purify all the water on our precious planet with our love and light. You can bless each glass of water you drink and each shower that you enjoy, go to your local rivers and bless them all for the great gift of life they provide. Please take part in healing the oceans, and continual purification of your memories of imperfection in preparation for the marriage of your soul. Let us not impede our wholeness and hold back from the consummation of this sacred union with GOD .

Take a bottle of water, label it with the word love or perfection When you are ready take the bottle hold it in your hand and intent it with love. Say I love you water, thank you water, bless you water, you can also infuse it with healing energy before you drink it or pour into your rivers and oceans. Then after you have drunk the water you can say the same words to the waters in your body" From the Sacred Union with the Divine Article written in 2004.


When you love God's creation, God's creation loves you right back.

As God said "It is not a one way street".


Glory be to God

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