Thursday, 28 October 2010


This lovely video of JLS (UK) singing 'I LOVE YOU MORE' reminds me my journey with the Christ while he was leading me home to our heavenly Father. He always loved me more and was teaching me to LOVE like him, beyond measure. 

Another great teacher of love is Archangel Michael, the years spent with him in divine training were certainly challenging. 

There was once a situation in my LIFE with a man who was very close to me, he did everything he could to destroy me. Months after he did his worst, I went for a healing session unrelated to the man.  Towards the end Archangel Michael came, I asked him if it was now over between us, and will our contact now come to an end?

He said 'No, you must teach him love'. 

It wasn't the first time that I had been asked to accept the unacceptable. It wasn't the first time that I was asked to love more. Acceptance doesn't mean that you have to embrace what a person does or says, it means that you allow the emotions of others to be like water off the back of the graceful swan. 

If a person doesn't integrate the initiation of accepting the unacceptable then one cannot enter the gateway's of God's grace and mercy. The reason being; is that sometimes God might ask you to do or say, what you might feel is unacceptable, because it challenges your belief system. In my experience challenge moves people beyond their current comprehension and state of being. 

If you can keep your head in peace and compassion when others are losing theirs in a calculated act, grace and mercy is accessed within your heart of understanding. 

99.9% of people would've broken all contact with that person and had nothing more to do with them. By continuing to allow them access when they require it, when they come to you, to share, for help or advice, love is leading by example. 

'The depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love'. from Sacred Words

Of course in some situations it can be the end of a karmic situation, in others you might have made a pre-destination agreement; to teach another love beyond measure, leading by example. In other cases you might have to let go and say good-bye, so that person as the space to learn for themselves, before they come back again to your Divine love that is Supreme.

After that our heavenly Father gave me his hand to hold, and I raised up my right hand to hold his. It was an incredible divine experience that I and the healing practitioner will always remember.

Love you more indeed....

Love beyond measure

Divine Love is Supreme


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