Thursday, 18 June 2009

Zest for Life for Iran - You can help them

Life is like a fresh fruit and if you wish to help Iran and the Persian people you can send them the sunshine of a citrus fruit. Imagine putting a lemon into the hands of individuals as a gift from God so that their zest for a life of freedom can continue. The palms of the hands also have a minor heart energy centre and it is easy for small hands to surround the lemon and take the energy into their hearts.

Painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau: Girl Holding Lemons

The healing balm of lemon.

It must be a lemon due to it carrying a specific energetic frequency that they require right now because many of them are feeling crushed, smashed and squeezed. The frequency of lemon is also compatible with their land and people due to its origination. Saladin's healer, Ibn Jami' wrote a treatise on the lemon and Pliny also wrote about this medicinal fruit. [1]

The lemon is also the shape of an egg and its symbolic of new life waiting to be born. The colour lemon is also for creativity e.g. innovative solutions to the harsh realities that they face. It also works with the throat and helps communications to flow more easily.

It balances the male and feminine energies and has regenerative properties. Lemon activates the mental body and was used in conjunction with colour healing therapy and is a good stress reliever. Slices of lemon in hot water in the morning is also very good for detoxing and purifying. It was used as a flower essence in Atlantis, Sirius and Elmuria. If you wish to help the people of Iran send them the energy of a lemon and in so doing you will be sending them the energy of the zest for life.

LEMON DAY 4th July 2009

The young ones wish to dance free with the zest of life. Spain broke free from Islamic autocratic rule and Iran can do so too.

4th July 2009 = 22 the number of the vibration of divine mother.

The name of the Persian Prophet Zoroaster was also given and he is with the people of Iran and their battle for freedom. It is written that most of his works were kept at the library of Alexandria in Egypt before it was destroyed. There is also a major portal opening In Iran at the moment, it is connected to their ancient prophet and the mystery teachings. Spiritual people in Iran will know where this portal is; it is a major gateway.


Breathe it in.....

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  1. May our gifts from God be received to give them the courage to do what they feel is right for them and the future of their country and children.

    May God bless them in their struggle against oppression. May God defend them with the light of the might of the cosmos.

    May they know that the world stands with them in their plight.

    May they know peace, love, light and truth.

    May this revolution end sooner rather than later so that all can live in peace.

    May the children sing and dance once more dauntlessly and let no man put them asunder.

    May they reclaim their divine birthright.

    May joy fill their hearts as they take their next steps.

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