Saturday, 6 June 2009

A Polar Whales Appeal

"In 1850, the final years of 'Yankee whaling', the Captain of a whaling vessel wrote an article entitled 'A Polar Whale's Appeal'. This article, which is a first person narrative spoken by a Bowhead Whale, is a plea on behalf of the 'Whale Nation' to put an end to the killing of his species. It was published in 'The Honolulu Friend' on October 15, 1850. We came across this article in the archives of the New Bedford whaling museum, Massachusetts while conducting research for the establishment of The Oceania Project in 1986."

We kindly thank Mr. R. Carlos Nakai for allowing us to add his Native American Cedar Flute to this film:

In biblical times those that did not take care of God's creation were called wicked. Those that did not honour the creation of God did not honour God either. If you truly honour God then you will also honour the creation of Mother Earth and its inhabitants.

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