Monday, 29 June 2009

Culture in Crisis -Panama

An 8 minute video in which leaders of the Wounaan tribe of the rainforests of Eastern Panama introduce their people, culture, and environment, and describe the challenges they are facing in protecting their traditional lands.

"Home to Darien National Park, Central America's second largest reserve and World Heritage Site. Darien is also blessed with an extraordinarily rich cultural history. For over 500 years it has been home to a diverse mix of Afro-Caribbean, indigenous and colono communities, all of them proud Darienitas.

Today, however, rapid change overwhelms both the land and its people. Unsustainable logging and road construction is quickly destroying both the forest and a way of life, and threatens consequences far beyond the region itself.

"Voces del Darien" suggests that a brighter future for all lies in a committed partnership and innovative solutions -- government, non-government and Darienitas working together so that the beauty, wealth and livelihood of Darien will be preserved for future generations."

"Washington, D.C.—After two years of brutal government repression and destruction of their homeland, the Ngöbe Indians of western Panama won a major victory yesterday as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights called on Panama to suspend all work on a hydroelectric dam that threatens the Ngöbe homeland. The Chan-75 Dam is being built across the Changuinola River by the government of Panama and a subsidiary of the Virginia-based energy giant AES Corporation."


This month, June 2009, there was a crop circle in England that looks like a Mayan kite. The crop circle is telling people to help these indigenous cultures in the lands of the Maya. The eco-system of the world depends upon it.A Kite is a symbol of freedom and it goes up and down and around with the wind. There are three strings to the kite with mayan hieroglyphs and this could signify three years. That takes us to the summer of 2012.

It also looks like another wind chime crop circle. See wind chime post on our other blog posted today.

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