Sunday, 28 June 2009

Archangel Michael - Brave Souls

Brave souls are those of you who stand up, speak out and are counted.

You rally others and bring them close to your wing.

You allow them to sing their own tune and feel their own soul's yearning.

You sow the seeds and watch them grow. Tendering them as you go.

Brave souls look straight into thine own heart, for clarity and the truth, then live it in your daily lives, breaking all the ties.

Detachment is the key.

It enables you to see things in a totally different light, there is no need to fight.

In your sight is a peaceful setting of tranquilty, the angels are in flight watch them fly like a kite, the sky is alight with their love.

Brave souls can run bare, for they have no fear for themselves or those that are close and dear.

Everything is sheer, soft and a gentle embrace.

Love gives them the courage to break the chains of bondage and ensure that everything is just and fair.

When romance is in the air, their hearts warm and smile for they know that destiny plays it's hand as the sands shift time.

When the clock strikes they know what they must do, where they must go and what they must say.

They take their steps with honour, holding their heads high towards the sky.

Their eyes filled with humilty, love and compassion.

They never look back or rack their brains for the sound of pain.

For they know that this is a foundation but not the totality of creation.

Brave souls just 'know' all is well, all will be alright.

They see a different perspective, a clear vision of what is ahead of humankind.

Brave souls are the knights of the round table and my angels in disguise.

Archangel Michael 6.30 21/03/02

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