Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Obelisk

Today, I was shown an obelisk that was being smashed, and then the clock of Big Ben at the side of it. Big Ben wasn't being smashed only the obelisk. There is an obelisk on the Thames in London called 'CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE' and this is the one that I saw being smashed. It was presented to the UK in 1819, by the ruler of Egypt and Sudan, his name was Muhammad Ali. This was the first sign of Islam's intention to take over the UK. A sign that would put the captivity of Egypt on the map of England.

When Cassis Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali, that was also a sign for the USA of Islam's intentions. There was also Malcolm X, at the forefront of the Nation of Islam, then USA elected OBAMA as the president of the USA.

It does make you wonder where are the spiritual people at there? What on earth have they been doing; to not see and understand the signs that have been planted all over the world. As I said to the Americans the other day 'What have you been feeding to your children?".

In modern times the obelisk was also erected in New York and Paris.

However, apparently, the tallest obelisk is in Rome, and Rome as more of them then anyone else. Did they think that the Queen of the South would go to Rome to see them? Did they think their obelisks would impress her? The heavenly Father never sent his Queen to Rome. Although he did send her to New York and Paris. However, he didn't send her to look at obelisks...

In the early 90's a lady asked me to value a large SMOKEY quartz crystal obelisk, then afterwards she asked me if I would be willing to buy it from her. At that time, I liked crystals and had a collection for healing purposes. Anyhow, the first time that I took that SMOKEY quartz obelisk out, afterwards, it simply disappeared. I was not meant to have it by my side.

The show must go on...QUEEN....

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