Friday, 18 February 2011


As we know the fish became the symbol of the Church, but few in the Church know that the fish symbol was part of many ancient cultures. 

Fish existed prior to the Church, it is a TAO symbol. Little do the Church know that the TAO is in the mosiacs of the ancient Eastern Churches. Most of which were destroyed and built over. 

The original TAO symbol was two fishes swimming head to tail in harmonic concordance.

There was no yin/yang originally.

The fish is also a very important symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. 

The golden fish saved the people from the floods and was believed to be a vehicle of Vishnu. In Buddhism it is a symbol of Quan Yin and is also symbolic of the footprint of Buddha. As we know both Christ and Buddha were called fishers of men.

So what were Christ and Buddha doing by being fishers of men? 
Saving people from themselves and their emotions that co-create disease. 

They were teaching people to become masters of the self so that they could have a healthy consciousness. Did other spiritual teachers down the ages do this? 

Of course. 

In fact, there was a time in India when the gurus would hit their students to bring up their issues for healing.

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